The Next Silicon Valley says Delaware could be the next Silicon Valley -


The Next Silicon Valley says Delaware could be the next Silicon Valley

That's great and all, but, really, being “the next Silicon Valley” is a fool's errand.

Celebrate Delaware's strengths.

(Photo by Flickr user likeaduck, used under a Creative Commons license. Photo illustration by Mo Manklang)

We at firmly believe that aspiring to be “the next Silicon Valley” is dumb.
That said, this report is worth considering (forget the DuPont disaster for a minute): A guy in India is saying his country should stop trying to emulate Silicon Valley in trying to attract and develop startups and investors and should instead be more like Delaware.
“Why just look at Silicon Valley when there’s so much more that the Delaware framework can teach us?” Mumbai-based entrepreneur Ravi Kiran writes in a guest blog post for ProductNation.
A website called The Next Silicon Valley recently wrote a story agreeing with Kiran. From a legal standpoint, the piece argues that Delaware has the perfect recipe for growth and development.
As evidence, it cites Delaware’s corporate statutes, its specialized Court of Chancery, its legal tradition of corporate law experts, the efficient role of the Delaware Secretary of State and the upheld idea of the “business judgment rule,” in Delaware’s case law, which says judges shouldn’t “second-guess business decisions made by directors in good faith and with due care.”
Both see promise in Delaware. The Next Silicon Valley writes that Delaware could well become, well, the next Silicon Valley, if it combines its legal advantages with the California hub’s mindset of innovation and creativity.


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