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3 things to be thankful for in the Philly tech community

There's work to be done, but we're talking about inclusion, building better businesses and have the attention of city leadership.

Philadelphia City Hall.

(Photo by Flickr user Steve Ransom, used under a Creative Commons license)

Take a moment on Thanksgiving to give thanks for what is working in this community, with the help of a few recent headlines.
(1) We’re talking about inclusion. You don’t have a tech community today if you’re not talking about gender disparity or lack of opportunities for people of color (and our fellow residents with lower incomes) in tech jobs and entrepreneurship networks. In Philadelphia, there remains considerable work but the conversation is very real.
(2) Our businesses can grow here. News of startups leaving still sting and when they take steps backward it hurts, but many others are growing here. More than anything, this community needs more serious businesses — it’s what smaller communities like Delaware think too. But we’re seeing the pathways used by businesses of real growth with real revenue.
(3) City leadership maintains this community as a priority for future city success. As one mayoral administration that has embraced tech and entrepreneurship transitions out, a new Mayor is preparing to take over who seems to be interested in following suit. (Come see Mayor-Elect Kenney at our Rise conference next week)
There’s work to be done, but this weekend is not a bad time to think about what we have here.

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