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6 Comcast product teams putting Philly-made technologies on the map

From user experience to software engineering, meet some of the technologists working at the Comcast Center.

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You may have heard by now just how many new technology products Comcast develops, but I thought it might be interesting to give you a peek at the teams that are actually building our stuff — right here in Philadelphia.
These cutting-edge products and services include a voice-enabled remote control, a new gigabit modem and a multi-year plan to reinvent the customer experience. At Comcast, we have an entrepreneurial culture and are committed to innovating all aspects of media and technology. That sounds like lofty corporate marketing jargon, but it’s very real for six technology teams working inside the Comcast Center under the leadership of Comcast Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President Tony Werner.
These talented teams are building world-class products and helping Philadelphia regain its status as the “workshop of the world.” Meet these teams of innovators:

1. The User Experience Team

Got X1? Our UX team designed, tested, and iterated the Emmy Award-winning user interface and revolutionary TV experience right here at the Comcast Center. In recent years, the UX team expanded to incorporate industrial design, giving the team the opportunity to address every customer touch point and provide an end-to-end customer experience — from retail experience in our 500 XFINITY Stores to packaging, hardware and UI. They proudly designed the talking guide you may have learned about in the “Emily’s Oz” TV commercial.

2. Software Engineering Teams

Comcast currently hosts multiple software engineering teams in Philadelphia who develop products like the XFINITY TV app. During Philly Tech Week, we made news by releasing a new version of the app that allows you to control your X1 from an Apple Watch. Comcast’s software engineers have also built apps for our XFINITY Home product as well as the XFINITY My Account app, which allows you to easily manage your services and seek technical support. Each year, our software engineers are given the opportunity to stretch their inventor muscles through working on projects of their choosing at three dedicated Lab Weeks.

3. Comcast Innovation Labs

It’s Lab Week all year for this growing team. Comcast Innovation Labs is focused on adopting and deploying emerging technology platforms and services for the company. Their long-term focus areas include network, video and data infrastructure, connected spaces and devices, consumer internet, new applications and platforms, as well as next-generation wireless platforms and services. Sounds intense, but we’re pretty confident they have a lot of fun doing it.

4. Accessibility Team

The Accessibility Team, led by Tom Wlodkowski, is dedicated to ensuring Comcast products are accessible for all. The team works directly with customers and industry leaders to develop plans that reflect the very best products and services. They launched Comcast’s first dedicated call center and self-service solution for people with disabilities, run a state-of-the-art accessibility lab and recently launched the industry’s first “Talking TV” on the X1 Entertainment Operating System.

5. Comcast Digital Team

The Comcast Digital Team operates XFINITY.com, one of the 15 most-visited web properties in the United States. This team of digital marketers, designers, developers and strategists are constantly monitoring and optimizing the site to realize business goals and provide localized solutions to customers across the country.

6. The Customer Experience Team

The Customer Experience team is working to make customer service Comcast’s best product. The team is developing tools and technologies to make every customer interaction excellent. This experienced team of problem-solvers has already introduced several experience innovations. Take a look:

  • Tech Tracker on the XFINITY My Account App alerts customers when their technician is 15-20 minutes away and shows where the tech is on a map en route to their home.
  • The Call-Back feature on the My Account App provides customers with the opportunity to schedule a convenient time for Comcast to call them about an issue.
  • Free product returns via UPS lets customers just drop equipment they’re returning at a local UPS Store. Comcast takes care of the rest.

Comcast’s Philly-based teams are iterating and innovating every day, from the products mentioned above to our latest and greatest offerings, including XFINITY games powered by EA, Stream and XFINITY Share. Our tech teams are growing quickly — so much so that we’re building the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center next to the Comcast Center, our global headquarters. That tower will open in early 2018.
If you want to learn more about any of these teams, check out our “day in the life” videos featuring some of the talented technologists making things happen in Philly and across the U.S.
For more information on working in a technology role with us, visit ComcastCareers.com. And if you are an entrepreneur looking to partner with us, you can email us at partner@comcast.com.

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