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Jan. 6, 2014 8:00 am

What East Coast tech looked like in 2013 and will be in 2014 [podcast]

Listen to the first ever Technical.ly podcast, where we review 2013 and look forward to 2014.

What did we learn in 2013 by how technology changed nationally and in local communities like Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Baltimore and what might 2014 look like?

That’s how we’re introducing the first ever Technical.ly podcast, which will launch as a monthly conversation among our reporters.

Led by Technical.ly editor Christopher Wink, you’ll also hear from Technical.ly Philly lead reporter Juliana Reyes, Technical.ly Baltimore’s Andrew Zaleski and Technical.ly Brooklyn’s Brady Dale.

Here’s what ground we cover in the 37-minute conversation:

  • National trends and how they fit locally
  • Local trends in Brooklyn, Philadelphia and Baltimore
  • What will happen in 2014

[If the below player isn’t working, try accessing the MP3 file here.]


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