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Dec. 30, 2013 9:30 am

1 in 3 adults uses the same password for every website [INFOGRAPHIC]

Use the same password for multiple site, like three-quarters of American adults? Question how frequently you should change them? Give this infographic a look and it might change your mind.

An iPhone 3GS password screen from March 2010 from Flickr user Ninja M. via Creative Commons.

This is a guest post from Sandra Mills, a California native, tech savvy freelance writer. She is a freelance writer promoting Instant Checkmate and helped gather the information for the infographic.

More than 60 percent of American smartphone owners don’t use a pass code.

If you lost your smartphone, your tablet, or another mobile device, or if it were stolen, would the person possessing it be able to access the information you have stored on it and the Web sites you had visited using that device?

That’s the question worth asking when you balance whether it’s worth the time or not to have to punch in the code every time you check your phone, particularly when cell carriers continue to fight the ‘kill switch’ idea to make phones unusable if they’re stolen.

Think about your other passwords, such as those for online sites. A third of Americans use the same password for every site, and nearly 75 percent of us at least use the same password for multiple sites. That puts you at greater risk of attack.

Read the infographic below by Instant Checkmate, for insights into the uses of passwords and tips on creating passwords that make it hard for criminals to crack.



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