MakerBot, MakerBot, MakerBot [Startup Roundup] -

MakerBot, MakerBot, MakerBot [Startup Roundup]

The news this week is 3D printing, mostly in the form of MakerBot.

Who’s raising money?

Pontiflex raised $2.75 million in late stage equity funding, according to an SEC filing. The company makes an opt-in mobile advertising service that developers can use to fund apps.

Customer loyalty program Repunch secured an additional $35,000 on an offered $500,000 in debt, according to an SEC filing, after securing $235,000 in June.

Who’s making moves?

MakerBot is making all the moves. It’s opening a store in Boston like its Soho store, which also serves as a 3D print shop as of November 6th. Bre Pettis gave the keynote at London’s 3D Printshow and is scheduled to do it again in Paris on Friday.

MakerBot‘s biggest news, though, was announced Tuesday in Manhattan: the company intends to get a 3D printer into every public school in America.

One of MakerBot‘s early investors and one admired by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures partner Charlie O’Donnell, Shana Fisher, got profiled for her low profile in Business Insider.


Williamsburg digital comic book artist, Kurt Christenson, is half of the team behind the digital native comic Power Play The team had a party with Brooklyn Brewery at the Bed Stuy Beer Works this past Sunday. The fifth and final issue of the title’s first story arc, “The Gowanus Games,” will be out soon. The first issue is available for free on Comixology. All the outdoor scenes in the comic are based on real world places. Christenson also has an all digital, all Brooklyn comic in development, currently known as Kings County Comics.

Who’s getting buzz?

Data vigilantes are growing frustrated with Sunset Park’s New York Bike Share and its lack of transparency around the Citibike program, according to Business WeekTechnically Brooklyn concurs.

MakerBot‘s 3D Digitizer is “nearly magical,” according to Techcrunch. We covered its preview at the Maker Faire.

Francis Bitonti will be one of the featured designers at the Paris 3D Printshow this week, with his work appearing on the catwalk alongside about a dozen other designers who 3D print wearables. We covered the workshop Bitonti ran at the Pratt institute, where designers worked in teams to create a 3D printed dress.

Brooklyn Research was asked to take part in the ongoing Talking Transition process, leading up to the new mayor, according to their blog. The team took part in a panel on Brooklyn’s Innovation economy, led by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

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