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5 great web comics from Brooklyn artists

A few webcomics you may or may not know were made in Brooklyn.

From the Darwin Carmichael is Going To Hell Flickr page, featuring its main characters

Drawing by Sophie Goldstein

No one questions Brooklyn’s artistic credibility — it was artists who named Dumbo, after all — and that strength includes its comic artist depth. So here are a few of our favorite web comics made by artists in Brooklyn.

Evan Dahm‘s Vattu.

It’s his epic Rice Boy that won me over. Dahm’s art manages to be both very simple and yet astounding in his inventiveness, something like Jim Henson‘s Muppets. In Rice Boy, a small, diminutive character is said to be the savior of humanity. A group of immortals that has been looking for this savior for a very long time are then obligated to protect him, not exactly certain that he is.

Here’s a page from his latest work, Vattu, which is over 400 pages in and counting.

Vattu by Evan Dahm, page 281Dorothy Gambrell‘s Cat and Girl

In the comic, a cat and a girl mostly just stand around and talk. They tend to get very philosophical and also make very long lists.

Gambrell is interesting because she has been at it so long and because she is so open about her business. She regularly publishes graphs of her income and is known for making drawings of what she did with donations people have given to support her. She has been listed on Wikipedia’s page of webcomic artists who are known to be making their living with their art.

Cat and Girl - why get up in the AMHarry Bogosian‘s The Demon’s Mirror


This one is new to us, but someone on the Brooklyn subreddit recommended it. It’s about a young demon assigned to take a mirror into heaven, which will blow the angels’ minds or something. Here’s the top dog demon that makes them go do it.

Demon's Mirror clipYuko Ota & Ananth Panagariya‘s Johnny Wander

This is one of those slice of life comics, but doesn’t seem to be too much based on someone’s actual narrative. As the about page says, it may or may not be about the way life is right after college. It’s currently on a story called “Lucky Penny,” the character at the center of this page:

Lucky Penny from Johnny WanderLastly, an amazing comic that was set in Brooklyn has to be mentioned. Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell is done.

It depicts the Williamsburg way of life over the last decade wonderfully, with unicorns thrown in. It’s only finished because the creatorsSophie Goldstein and Jenn Jordan, finished their story, just as they meant to and have since moved on to other projects. They have left something to be proud of behind. Start at the beginning, go all the way through.

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