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Technical.ly grows local technology communities by connecting organizations and people through news, events and services. We provide original editorial, expert programming and tools which improve recruitment, marketing, community cultivation and economic development. We serve technologists, entrepreneurs and people who care about technology’s local impact.

Our Staff

Technical.ly  is made of a committed group of young urbanists in the Northeast Corridor. Photos by Philadelphia photographer Colin M. Lenton.

Lead Reporter, Philadelphia

Roberto TorresRoberto Torres ( @TorresLuzardo / Send an email ) Roberto Torres became Technical.ly Lead Philly Reporter in May 2016. Prior, he was a freelance contributor to Technical.ly and Al Dia News. The native Venezuelan moved to Philadelphia in 2015 after reporting on research at his alma mater, the University of Zulia. Whenever he's not fencing deadlines, he can be found standing in line at Overbrook Pizza in West Philly, running Netflix/Hulu marathons with his girlfriend or reading news from Venezuela.

Business Manager, Philadelphia/Delaware

Peter EricksonPeter Erickson ( @peteherickson / Send an email ) Peter Erickson is Technical.ly's Business Development Manager. He's an artist and curator, and is currently designing a 3D video game. He grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, and currently lives in the Passyunk neighborhood in South Philly.

Cofounder and Business Director

Brian James KirkBrian James Kirk ( @brianjameskirk / Send an email ) Brian James Kirk is Business Director and a cofounder of Technical.ly, the local technology news network. Kirk handles business development, marketing and product development, forging new partnerships, building brand identity and coordinating events and projects. He's an avid biker and lives in the Callowhill neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Cofounder and Editorial Director

Christopher WinkChristopher Wink ( @christopherwink / Send an email ) Christopher Wink is a cofounder and Editorial Director of Technical.ly, the local technology news network. In that capacity, he is a co-organizer of Philly Tech Week, Baltimore Innovation Week, Delaware Innovation Week and other events that bring smart people together. Previously, Wink worked for a homeless advocacy nonprofit and was a freelance reporter for a variety of publications. He writes regularly about news innovation and best business practices on his personal blog here. The bicycle commuter loves cities, urban politics and squabbling about neighborhood boundaries.

Events Director

Molly RoseMolly Rose ( @Technical_ly / Send an email ) Molly Rose is the Events Director of Technically Media, overseeing the company's events strategy. Previously, she was the Northeast Events and Marketing Manager for ALM, a legal publication and events company. Before that, the Virginia native had been the events manager for a restaurant and catering company.

Events Manager

Catherine SontagCatherine Sontag ( @ctag115 / Send an email ) Catherine Sontag has been overseeing and executing events in all of Technical.ly's markets since 2014. She's a (youthful) cat lady and a hydration enthusiast. Ask her about her solo trip to Paris.

Events Coordinator

Alexandria LeggettAlexandria Leggett ( @asgoodastheyget / Send an email ) Alexandria Leggett started with Technical.ly as an Events Intern before being hired on full-time as Events Coordinator. While pursuing a broadcasting career she quickly realized that her hosting ability wasn't limited to one field. Previously, she worked as a wedding coordinator and designer. The Philadelphia native hosts dinner parties and develops recipes when she's not in the office (ask about her salted caramel apple pie). A planner since adolescence, she can recall event details from as far back as her 7th birthday party.

Product Manager

Cary BetagoleCary Betagole ( @CaryBeta / Send an email ) Cary Betagole is the Product Manager at Technically Media. He studied journalism at Boston University and has previously worked at Nextdoor and SEER Interactive, in addition to experience with a few (failed) startups of his own. Originally from Cincinnati, he is interested in how financially sustainable media can help build stronger communities.

Associate Editor

Juliana ReyesJuliana Reyes ( @juliana_f_reyes / Send an email ) Juliana Reyes has been covering the Philadelphia tech scene since 2012. She's co-president of the Asian American Journalists Association Philadelphia chapter and a two-time Philadelphia News Award winner for "Community Reporting of the Year." The Bryn Mawr College grad lives in West Philly, likes her food spicy and wears jumpsuits often.


Zack SewardZack Seward ( @zackseward / Send an email ) Zack Seward is Editor-in-Chief of Technical.ly, the local technology news network. Previously, Seward was the Innovations Reporter at WHYY and NewsWorks.org in Philadelphia. Before that, he worked at WXXI in Rochester, N.Y., as a reporter and editor for a statewide public radio reporting project. Seward is an alumnus of Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. He's originally from San Francisco and went to college in Chicago.

Client Success Manager

Alisha MirandaAlisha Miranda ( @makeshiftalisha / Send an email ) Alisha Miranda is the Client Success Manager at Technical.ly where she collaborates with Editorial, Events, and Business Development departments helping sponsors maximize their experience. Prior to joining Technical.ly, Miranda spent nearly a decade as a digital content strategist in New York helping CEOs, small business owners, and media brands develop their PR, marketing and revenue opportunities. She is passionate about producing strong and visionary digital programs alongside businesses who value diversity, culture, and authenticity.

Marketing Manager

Jeanette LloydJeanette Lloyd ( @jah_netti / Send an email ) Jeanette Lloyd is Technically Media's Marketing Manager. She focuses on events marketing, audience development and product marketing. Lloyd thrives on making connections that spark. She draws experience from the corporate (Red Bull NA) and nonprofit (Media In Neighborhoods Group) worlds, and has always been involved with innovative, creative endeavors in events, music, performance, cinema and the arts.

Operations Manager

Kristy HumesKristy Humes ( @kristykrinks / Send an email ) Kristy Humes is the Operations Manager for Technically Media. Previously she held positions in Business Management and Operational Development for a variety of creative and technology focused organizations. Kristy is passionate about utilizing her diverse skill set to develop innovative business processes and create efficiency to enhance the experience of its members. When not color coding spreadsheets, Kristy can be found reading, concocting DIY projects and enjoying the many cultural delights Philadelphia has to offer.

Senior Business Manager

Vincent BetterVincent Better ( @vbetter / Send an email ) Vincent Better is Senior Business Manager for Technically Media. Previous to joining the team, he served as an independent consultant and the VP of Digital Solutions at Pennlive.com, one of the leading digital properties in the state of PA. His strategy experience transcends both national brands and small, local businesses. The native of Baltimore and Temple alum also enjoys cycling and live music.

Culture Coordinator

Justin MaloneJustin Malone ( @justinmalone92 / Send an email ) Justin Malone is a native of Memphis, Tenn., and Culture Coordinator at Technically Media. He's a 2015 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He studied economics with a concentration in Management in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Malone is interested in entrepreneurship, startup culture and its intersection with technology.


Wafai DiasWafai Dias ( @wdias1 / Send an email ) Wafai Dias is an Arab-American writer. Born and raised in Philadelphia she graduated from Temple University's School of Media and Communication in 2013 and has since been published internationally. By default, she has an interest in politics, technology, culture, diversity and anything thought-provokingly outside of the mainstream narrative.

Samuel DennisSamuel Dennis ( @Samuel_M_Dennis / Send an email ) A student at Science Leadership Academy, Samuel Dennis is working with Technical.ly for his individualized Learning Plan. Living in the Overbrook section of West Philly, Dennis enjoys MMORPGs, Japanese culture, making his own music, and technology.

Naveed Ahsan ( @Naverick92 / Send an email ) Naveed Ahsan is a freelance journalist and a recent Temple University journalism graduate. His writing has appeared in the Daily News, the Philadelphia City Paper, the Notebook and Jump Philly. He primarily writes about tech, music and political activism.

Mike BederkaMike Bederka ( @mbederka / Send an email ) Mike Bederka is a versatile editor and writer, contributing articles, marketing materials and proofing and copywriting services for numerous publications and companies.

Melissa SimpsonMelissa Simpson ( @PHLMelissa / Send an email ) Melissa Simpson is an IT specialist studying journalism at Delaware County Community College. She plans to graduate with in the fall before transferring to Temple University. When she is not hanging out at West Philly dance parties, it is likely that she is binge-watching some quirky millennial TV series on Netflix.

Maggie HeffernanMaggie Heffernan ( @maggieheff3 / Send an email ) Maggie Heffernan is a recent graduate of Haverford College, where she majored in English and served as the editor in chief of its student-run newspaper, The Clerk. Last summer, she interned in the communications department of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, where she wrote a variety of articles on topics involving both patients and staff members.

Lian ParsonsLian Parsons ( @Lian_Parsons / Send an email ) Lian Parsons is a journalism student at Temple University and the assistant news editor at The Temple News. The Boston native is a cat, poetry and Beyonce enthusiast.

Kevin YangKevin Yang ( @ / Send an email ) Kevin Yang is currently a writer for Technical.ly. He is a member of Masterman High School's Class of 2016 and will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2016. When he isn't searching for stories, he enjoys trying out new cuisine, having philosophical and political discussions with friends and watching movies.

Julie LenardJulie Lenard ( @thestoryologist / Send an email ) Julie Lenard is a writing consultant, communications manager and founder at The Storyologist. She has also been an educator for over ten years. She loves throwing dinner parties, making up funny voices for her cats, hiking and attending Story Slams.

Jason ShermanJason Sherman ( @shermanbiz / Send an email ) Jason Sherman is a serial entrepreneur who writes about tech startups for Technical.ly Philly and the Examiner, where he has contributed since March 2012. The cofounder of B2B video platform See2B, he's a drone pilot and official videographer for various tech meetups, as well as frequent tech community mentor. Sherman majored in computer science at Delaware Valley University during the dot-com boom. He loves all things tech, art, music, film, food and his Shih Tzu, Wolfgang.

Cindy Falteich ( @ababestake / Send an email ) Cindy Falteich is a content creator, novelist, ghostwriter, screenwriter, blogger, speaker, optimist and overall helpful person. She was once a stand-up comic, horse trainer and small business owner but now writes full-time in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Carolyn WymanCarolyn Wyman ( @carolynwyman / Send an email ) Carolyn Wyman is a Philly-based food writer who has written extensively about supermarket products — as co-writer of the nationally syndicated newspaper column "Supermarket Sampler" and the author of Better Than Homemade: Amazing Foods That Changed the Way We Eat. She also writes the Philly Food Finds column at Philly.com.

Ashley Paintsil ( @misspaintsil / Send an email ) Ashley Paintsil is a freelance reporter and content strategist for emerging fashion companies. She's interested in the increasingly vibrant intersection of fashion and technology. Paintsil graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising, Journalism and Entrepreneurship.

Albert HongAlbert Hong ( @AtotheHONG / Send an email ) Albert Hong has been contributing to Technical.ly Philly since May 2015. He was formerly the Lifestyle editor for Temple's student-run newspaper The Temple News, where he also wrote a column about local geek culture. If he's not brushing up on his Korean via his favorite Korean shows or playing video games, he's learning more about the Philly tech community and how its members are working to benefit the city.

Aidan McConnellAidan McConnell ( @AidanMcConnell / Send an email ) Aidan McConnell is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania with a background in communications, public policy and network science software. A newly evangelized technologist, he's always searching for better ways to pair tech infrastructure with government decision-making. His biggest life goal is to found a university — he's still working out the details, of course.

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