Aug. 1, 2013 8:30 am

Indy Hall to launch weekly N3rd Street Farmers Market

It's an effort to bring fresh food to the area, which doesn't have "a grocery store, farmers market or a source of local and sustainable products in the area," according to a release.

The Headhouse Farmers Market is among the city's most popular, now Old City will try one of its own. Photo from

Indy Hall is launching a N3rd Street Farmers Market. It’s an effort to bring fresh food to the area, which doesn’t have “a grocery store, farmers market or a source of local and sustainable products in the area,” according to a release.

The first N3rd Street Farmers Market will be on Tuesday, Aug. 6 from 2 to 7 p.m. in front of Christ Church on Church St. between American St. and 2nd St. It’ll return weekly.

The project, which is continuing to strengthen that N3rd Street identity, is being spearheaded by Indy Hall cofounder Alex Hillman and members Ahava Zarembski and Karina Ambartsoumian, in partnership with Christ Church.

In case it wasn’t clear, with Indy Hall Arts, Indy Hall Yoga and other assorted meetups, Indy Hall is not just a place for software developers. Over the last year in particular, the coworking space has been evolving and promoting communities of all kinds within its walls.

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    This effort has been truly spearheaded by Ahava and Karina with support from members of the Indy Hall community. It also wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors: Snack Like a Local, Flyclops, Spivak Insurance, Free Tours by Foot and the Hensell Family.
    Our visual arts curator Sean Martoranas has also contributed a visual presence for the market, shown on this flyer as well as on t-shirts and other swag!

    Big, big thank you to everyone coming together to make this happen. We’re all stoked!



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