Slopes, a skiing and snowboarding app, wins Startup Weekend 5 - Philly


May. 1, 2013 10:30 am

Slopes, a skiing and snowboarding app, wins Startup Weekend 5

The team, consisting of Penn masters' student Timothy Li and investment Samuel Miller, among others, also won "Best Design." The app tells snowboarders and skiiers how fast they're going.

The winning team behind Slopes, a skiing and snowboarding app, along with some Startup Weekend judges.

Slopes, a winter sports data app, won the Philly Tech Week Startup Weekend, besting 16 other teams.

The team, consisting of Penn masters’ student Timothy Li and investment Samuel Miller, among others, also won “Best Design.” The app tells snowboarders and skiiers how fast they’re going with plans for other data offerings.

For the uninitiated, Startup Weekend is a hackathon of sorts. Designers, developers and non-technical folk team up to create a startup in one weekend. This past weekend’s was the fifth iteration of the event, this time held in Center City at Workbridge Associates. Though many partners play a role, Chris Baglieri and Melissa Morris Ivone locally organize the effort, which is part of a global network of such events.

Find our previous coverage of Startup Weekends here. Read more about Startup Weekend 5 on Newsworks here.


Other winners included:

  • Second place: Adventures of Bob the Time Traveler, a storytelling mobile app that prevents childhood obesity by showing the consequences of “Bob’s” eating habits
  • Third place: Design Sync, a collaborative website that helps bridge the gap between designers and project managers

Below, a list of the 17 teams that demoed at Startup Weekend, thanks to notes from Startup Weekend organizers (and Curalate coworkers) Morris Ivone and Brendan Lowry.

  • DEFCON 1 Alarm: an unpredictable alarm clock that you can’t get used to
  • Bed & Racing: an AirBnB-esque service that targets endurance athletes looking for a place to stay before a race
  • LeapForward: a virtual accelerator that provides credible info and guidance for startups
  • Mentor Shake: a web-based mentor-matching service
  • Odd Job: “Taskrabbit” for skilled student labor (reminscent of DreamIt Ventures‘ company Ninjathat)
  • Slopes
  • allows users to Speak and Listen to their social media stream
  • Design Sync: a collaborative website that helps bridge the gap between designers and project managers
  • Bring Your Own Philly: a mobile app that directs people to the closest establishment that sells six-packs
  • Quick Mock: customizable templates for design — “design without a designer”
  • HottieSpottie: take photos of “hotties” and share them with your friends to rate and discuss
  • Writer Up: a motivational platform for creative writers
  • City Build: an online portal owned by the local government, which engages citizens in bottom-up community development
  • a mobile app that helps you make group decisions (reminscent of Wyncote-based Groupinion)
  • Adventures of Bob the Time Traveler
  • Contribute: a way for non-profits to connect with designers and developers willing to volunteer their skills
  • Med Connection: a software that allows doctors to conduct follow-up visits remotely

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