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Jan. 18, 2013 9:00 am

‘I want Philadelphia to become the most transparent city in the country’: Radio Times [AUDIO]

A roundtable discussion on radio about openness and access in Philadelphia. Listen here

Behind the scenes at yesterday's Radio Times show on open data and digital access. Left to right: the city's Chief Data Officer Mark Headd, KEYSPOT Project Manager Maria Walker, and Radio Times guest host Maiken Scott. And that's Technically Philly reporter Juliana Reyes's back.

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Chief Data Officer Mark Headd wants Philadelphia to be the most transparent city in the country (so, to our sister site Technically Baltimore and every other city out there, consider the gauntlet thrown down).

That’s what he said on WHYY‘s Radio Times yesterday morning during a show about how the city interacts with its citizens through technology, whether it be through open data or digital access initiatives like KEYSPOT. It was the fourth show in a week-long series on local innovation. Listen to Tuesday’s show on the local tech startup scene here.

But in Philly’s journey to become the most transparent city in the country, Headd said there would be some hiccups along the way simply because this is such new territory.

“There isn’t a handbook you can go to and learn to become an open city,” he said. “You have to live it for a while, and this is part of the process.”

The program also featured KEYSPOT Project Manager Maria Walker and this reporter.

Listen to the whole show here or below.

Juliana Reyes

Juliana Reyes became Technical.ly's associate editor after reporting on the Philadelphia tech scene for four years. She's co-president of the Asian American Journalists Association Philadelphia chapter and a two-time Philadelphia News Award winner for "Community Reporting of the Year." The Bryn Mawr College grad lives in West Philly, likes her food spicy and wears jumpsuits often.


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