Sep. 11, 2012 9:30 am

15 local contributors to national technology news sites

Here is a long-overdue list of national tech (and culture) writers who call Philadelphia home.

At last month's BarCamp News Hackathon. With its short timeline, the winning 311 widget could be thought of as a hackathon project.

The crush of nationally-minded technology and culture news sites may not often be associated with Philadelphia, but for years we’ve felt there was a strange pull of those brands employing local writers.

If for no other reason than to acknowledge it, here is a long-overdue list of national tech (and culture) writers who call Philadelphia home. Who are we missing?

Updated: here’s a Twitter list to follow of these cats (h/t @DraintheLibrary):

  1. Timothy Lee: Ars Technica | @binarybits
  2. Chris Grant: Polygon, Former Joystiq | @chrisgrant  (lives in Fishtown)
  3. Jon Gruber: Daring Fireball | @gruber
  4. Duncan Bowen Black, aka “Atrios:” Eschaton | @atrios
  5. Chris Velazco: Tech Crunch | @chrisvelazco (lives in South Jersey)
  6. Andrew Nusca: CBS Interactive | @editorialiste (lives in West Philly)
  7. Danya Henninger:, | @phillydesign
  8. Gene Marks: ‘You’re the Boss‘ blog on | @genemarks
  9. Jason Fagone: Wired contributor | @jfagone
  10. John Paul Titlow: Read Write Web | @johnpaul (lives in Kensington)
  11. Joel Mathis: Macworld | @joelmmathis
  12. Scott McNulty: WordPress author | @blankbaby
  13. Michael Oryl: | @MichaelOryl
  14. Leonid Kravets: TechCrunch contributor | @lkravets
  15. Kevin Tofel: GigaOm | @kevinctofel  [H/T Mike Harris]
  16. Erica Ogg: GigaOm | @ericaogg [H/T Mike Harris]
  17. Sean Portnoy: ZDnet | @teklust
  18. [Formerly, before this spring] Tim Carmody: The Verge, former Wired | @tcarmody

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Christopher Wink

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