Aug. 27, 2012 11:00 am

Technically Baltimore and Baltimore Innovation Week: an update on our expansion

We have soft-launched a sister publication called Technically Baltimore and are launching the first ever Baltimore Innovation Week

We have soft-launched a sister publication called Technically Baltimore and are working with a slew of community partners in Charm City to throw the first ever Baltimore Innovation Week at the end of September.

This is follow up on the April announcement of our plans, in our effort to keep you, dear reader, posted. In other recent internal news, we also announced last week the dates of the third annual Philly Tech Week, due for April 2013, and that this flagship, Technically Philly, is getting sweet new office space in University City.

Philadelphia and Baltimore face so many similar challenges and have so many familiar opportunities that we think it’s a great asset to come to know and begin to connect them both.

And, while we’re talking about ourselves so boastfully and in such an un-news-like tone, we’ll share with you that the esteemed Nieman Journalism Lab deigned to profile our recent growth.

Currently, we have a single full-time reporter and a handful of other contributors based in Baltimore. Our reporter, Andrew Zaleski, is based out of coworking space Betamore.

Christopher Wink

Christopher Wink is a cofounder and Editorial Director of, the local technology news network. Previously, Wink worked for a homeless advocacy nonprofit and was a freelance reporter for a variety of publications. He writes regularly about news innovation and best business practices on his personal blog here. The bicycle commuter loves cities, urban politics and squabbling about neighborhood boundaries.


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