Devnuts hacker wants entrepreneurship to bring jobs back: Links - Philly

Oct. 14, 2011 9:30 am

Devnuts hacker wants entrepreneurship to bring jobs back: Links

Steve Jobs. Our economy. My suggestion. [John Fazio blog] — The co-founder of Northern Liberties hackerspace Devnuts writes about wanting to create smaller businesses to localize wealth. Who Are The Philadelphia Region’s Most Committed Small Business Lenders? [Multifunding blog] SEPTA sets a good example for open government, seriously [Daily News] — Excitement over the SEPTA […]

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Christopher Wink

Christopher Wink is a cofounder and Editorial Director of, the local technology news network. In that capacity, he is a co-organizer of Philly Tech Week, Baltimore Innovation Week, Delaware Innovation Week and other events that bring smart people together. Previously, Wink worked for a homeless advocacy nonprofit and was a freelance reporter for a variety of publications. He writes regularly about news innovation and best business practices on his personal blog here. The bicycle commuter loves cities, urban politics and squabbling about neighborhood boundaries.


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