Oct. 30, 2009 8:30 am

Links: World Series tech scene match up, city stimulus management in “disarray” and More

DEFINITE READS Philadelphia Business Journal’s Peter Key shares two interviews and their comparisons between the technology startup communities of Philadelphia and the 67th ward. The Inquirer’s Mike Armstrong reports on a rash of more ugly numbers related to employment and Philadelphia’s business tax burden. Inquirer City Hall reporter Marcia Gelbart reports on a fairly startling […]


After the jump, more World Series economic impact math, you’re going to be hired in health care and ten more stories to chew on, including our best read piece of the week and a video pick me up.



One final thought: We avoided this last week because it’s a tad out of our coverage, but it’s too good to ignore and picking up 190k views on YouTube in a week ain’t too bad.

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In the spirit of needing a Phillies pick-me-up after last night’s tough World Series loss, we bring you “Ill State of Mind,” the really great Philly-centric remake of the noted Jay-Z song “Empire State of Mind” by previously unknown NeeKo that has made its way across the blogosphere. Want a tech angle? Let’s say it’s about how much his snap-quick growth in regional popularity is tied to social media like another young emcee from the region.


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Mar. 26, 2015 12:45 pm

Here’s what it takes to run the Philadelphia School District’s IT network

On a fraction of the budget that a private company (or even other school districts) might have, 20 IT staffers are quietly maintaining one of the city's largest networks. For school districts, it's also one of the nation's fastest, according to a recent report.

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