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May. 5, 2014 11:15 am

Eli the Computer Guy’s videos among top 1% of tech-focused YouTube channels

Eli Etherton.

Screenshot via YouTube.

Eli Etherton — better known through his hundreds of YouTube videos focused on computer and IT training as Eli the Computer Guy — is now among the top 1 percent of people listed in the Google preferred lineup of technology-focused YouTube channels.

Visit Eli the Computer Guy’s YouTube channel here.

In the earliest days, Etherton was making $550 per month after YouTube allowed him to monetize his videos. Over the course of nearly four years, that monthly revenue has gone up: as of late 2012, Etherton was making about $9,000 each month, he said. His YouTube channel now has more than 311,000 subscribers and 19 million views.

  • calipsort

    Hats off Eli !

  • Maggie

    Eli, IS the best teacher in the WORLD! I am making it through college and actually understanding the information (and ENJOYING it) all thanks to him! Eli, please > NEVER stop sharing your computer wisdom with us!

  • svfoxhotmail

    I never heard of him till now.




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