Apr. 22, 2014 9:15 am

UMBC professors study how technology helps people with disabilities

Students working inside the UMBC Prototyping and Design Lab. Photo via

Two professors at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, are researching “how to put technology to work for people whose physical or mental disabilities make even simple tasks difficult,” reports UMBC Magazine.

[Amy] Hurst and [Shaun] Kane are both assistant professors of human-centered computing in UMBC’s department of information systems. It’s a field that focuses on the user end of technology, combining elements of computer science, design, and behavioral science. …

Both professors observe that human centered computing is a field where sharing ideas, expertise and energy is the only pathway to success. After less than five years, their own collaborations with students and other faculty are already winning recognition and grants – and drawing those on campus who are interested in using technology to help people into their orbit.

The professors conduct their research from the UMBC Prototyping and Design Lab.

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