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Apr. 1, 2014 9:15 am

Why you’ll need Puppet on your DevOps resume

One local recruiter's thoughts on a growing new automation tool.

This is a guest post by Drew McCarl of Millennial Media. Technical.ly Baltimore is a partner of the Puppet Enterprise event hosted at Millennial Media's Canton headquarters.

DevOps practices have been gaining global momentum in recent years, and with it, Puppet Labs, the Oregon-based company that is developing a new groundwork for enterprise firms.

Puppet is a critical tool for companies like Millennial Media, which are dedicated to staying on the forefront of new technologies, who practice continuous delivery, who value the efficiency around automation, and who believe in fully collaborative environments across development and operations.

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“Experience with Puppet” has been popping up on job descriptions all over. If you were to search for local Systems or DevOps roles, right now you’d likely find it as a requirement on about two dozen job descriptions coming from both startups and large corporations. Puppet is quickly becoming critical for your DevOps resume.

As Millennial Media continues to define mobile advertising and the technologies used behind the curtains, we are consistently evaluating new and emerging tools and products which may be beneficial to us. We are holding in-house training seminars this week around one product that really caught our eye, Puppet Enterprise from Puppet Labs.

Puppet Enterprise allows advanced automation and new capabilities around enterprise systems management, and by doing so has set a new technical standard around infrastructure efficiency. Simply said, it acts as a command center for automating repetitive tasks across multiple servers, provisioning new systems, deploying critical applications, and better managing your infrastructure.

Want to learn more directly from a Puppet Labs rep? Meet us at the Millennial Media Club House Wednesday night for our public Meetup: “Opening the lid on Puppet Enterprise.”

Drew McCarl

Drew McCarl is a recruiter at Millennial Media, the leading independent mobile advertising and data platform powering the app economy, located in Baltimore.


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