IBM engineer needs $2.5K for children's book on binary code - Baltimore


Jan. 7, 2014 10:45 am

IBM engineer needs $2.5K for children’s book on binary code

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DeLuca, her sons and several of the characters from "A Robot Story." Photo via DeLuca's Kickstarter page.

Crowdfunding of the Week is a regular series highlighting the technology, creative and innovation crowdfunding campaigns in Baltimore that might be worth your support. This week’s project comes from Kickstarter. See other Crowdfundings of the Week here.

A mobile software engineer at IBM and mother to twin 14-month-old boys is now raising money to write and print a board book that will teach kids how to count to 10 in binary code.

Lisa Seacat DeLuca, who lives in Baltimore’s Homeland neighborhood, has worked at IBM for nearly nine years. She started learning programming languages during her undergraduate years at Carnegie Mellon University in the early 2000s. The book she’s looking to publish, “A Robot Story,” follows twin robot brothers as they learn the basics of binary, before learning to count to 10.

She has already raised the $2,500 she needs via Kickstarter campaign, but hopes to raise as much as $7,000 for additional items to go along with the e-book, including an audio recording of the book. The money is going toward paying the illustrator she has hired as well as print a physical copy of “A Robot Story.”

Donate to DeLuca’s Kickstarter campaign here.

As DeLuca explains on her Kickstarter page, “As a parent, I have board books scattered all over the house to teach my kids the alphabet and how to count to 10 — the foundations for reading and math. I thought, why not also teach them the building blocks of computer languages?”

In addition to the board book, DeLuca is writing and coding an animated e-book of “A Robot Story,” which will first become available for Android and iOS to backers of her Kickstarter project. DeLuca hopes to have the e-book published by April, a month before the board book will be available.

Watch DeLuca’s Kickstarter video:


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