Nov. 26, 2013 9:30 am

Listen to 6 great Baltimore electronic music tracks [Downloads]

We enlisted the expertise of electronic musician and Wham City Lights cofounder Dan Deacon to put together a small playlist of Baltimore electronic music.

Dan Deacon. Photo from Flickr user : : Kasper under Creative Commons for Attribution.

Those who skip Baltimore’s music scene just haven’t done their homework — here’s looking at you Dave Holmes, even if Geico put you up to it.

As of this year, it has been five years since Rolling Stone crowned Baltimore’s music scene the best in the U.S., and musicians living here keep composing and performing good music. (Check out Baltimore City Paper‘s Big Baltimore Playlist for the evidence.)

So Baltimore wanted to provide its own nod to one area of the city’s music scene that fits into our purview: Baltimore’s electronic music scene.

We enlisted the expertise of electronic musician and Wham City Lights cofounder Dan Deacon, who pointed us to five musicians and groups that, he said, “make a wide range of what I would consider a sampling of the diverse pool of styles that make up the Baltimore electronic music community.”

Find the tracks, several of which are downloadable from SoundCloud, below.

If your teetotaling uncle tries spiking the Thanksgiving vodka-punch with water this year, pop the Svedka and put on some Baltimore-electro.

Dan Deacon, “Guilford Avenue Bridge

Chiffon, “Alpha Spit


Matmos, “I Want Snowden

Moss of Aura, “Sweat

Audio-visual duo Husbands:

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