Oct. 28, 2013 12:00 pm

Tech Night: annual tech council event on Nov. 7 at Port Discovery [EVENT]

Yes, this year's tech event for adults is being held at a children's museum.

A view from above the 2013 Tech Nite inside the Lexington Market.

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This year’s Tech Night, the city’s annual celebration of technology companies and technologists organized by, is happening Nov. 7 at Port Discovery just north of the Inner Harbor.

Yes, this year’s tech event for adults is being held at a children’s museum.

While previous Tech Nights have traditionally been held at the Baltimore Convention Center, last year’s event — the first since WhoGlue founder Jason Hardebeck was installed as executive director in late 2011 — was held at Lexington Market in West Baltimore.

“I think we could have done it in Lexington Market again, but we liked the idea of doing it in some place unexpected and new,” said’s Sharon Paley.

Tech Night 2013 tickets are $60 through Nov. 4.

No Lamplighters Awards are scheduled for this year’s Tech Night, but will be awarding a $1,000 Civic Innovation Prize in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office of Information Technology.

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