Jul. 30, 2013 9:14 am

Run a developers conference in Baltimore on a budget: BohConf 2013

For about $6,800, SmartLogic Solutions cofounder Yair Flicker was able to organize BohConf, a one-day, stand-alone conference for developers and programmers the same day as Artscape‘s kick-off.

And between the cost of tickets ($40 each) for an event that sold out and the money pulled in by sponsors, Flicker was able to — almost break even.

Granted, BohConf costs significantly less than similar developer conferences (Ancient City Ruby costs $299, but is two days), but for those interested in trying to duplicate Flicker’s efforts, he’s written a wrap-up post on putting together this year’s BohConf.

The one thing to watch out for: the opportunity cost of your own time, which is spent organizing an event instead of working your actual job.