Todd Marks, Mindgrub Tech founder, named to Daily Record VIP List - Baltimore


Jul. 3, 2013 9:30 am

Todd Marks, Mindgrub Tech founder, named to Daily Record VIP List

At center: Todd Marks of Mindgrub Technologies. Mindgrub won Tech Company of the Year at the 2013 Chesapeake Regional Tech Council TechAwards.

Photo credit: Wendy Hickok.

Todd Marks, the CEO and founder of Mindgrub Technologies, was named to the Daily Record‘s “Successful Before 40” VIP List.

Marks has grown Mindgrub from a five-person mobile and web development agency set up in the basement of his home to a 50-plus-person company with sales offices in several other East Coast cities and a new mobile gaming division.

A point of pride for him, as he told Technically Baltimore last September, is that he built Mindgrub with his own money.

“If you’ve taken investment dollars, that’s not a big pat on the back, congratulations,” he said. “You can’t claim that you’re an entrepreneur until you’ve turned that profit … otherwise you’re just hemorrhaging someone’s money.”

View the Daily Record’s full VIP List here.


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