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Jul. 3, 2013 11:00 am

‘Surprise’: tourists to Baltimore are tweeting from Inner Harbor [MAP]

Nothing surprising uncovered by this new data visualization from mapping software company MapBox showing geocoded tweets sent from different parts of Baltimore city:

  • Tourists are tweeting overwhelmingly from in or near the Inner Harbor, and there are pockets of activity near the stadiums, BWI Airport, in Fells Point and, as one Baltimore Tech Facebook group member observed, from within the Harbor Tunnel. (Kids, don’t tweet and drive.)
  • Locals, as MapBox calls them in this map, are tweeting all over the city.

View the Baltimore city map.

Those might seem like obvious conclusions, but if nothing else, the company’s significant data collection and attractive renderings reaffirm them.

According to MapBox, tweets posted by locals are “people who have tweeted in a city dated over a range of a month or more,” whereas tweets posted by tourists are from “people who seems to be locals in a different city and who tweeted in [the tourist] city for less than a month.”

To assemble a variety of these Locals and Tourists maps, MapBox analyzed every geotagged tweet sent since September 2011.

That’s 3 billion, 140-character messages in almost two years. Impressive. Or maybe apocalyptic.



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