Jul. 2, 2013 8:30 am

Maker Todd Blatt raising $1.5K for 3D-printed Google Glass accessories [VIDEO]

The GlassKap is a 3D-printed nylon attachment for Google Glass that covers the Glass lens.

Todd Blatt with GlassKap attached to his Google Glass.

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Local 3D-printer and maker enthusiast Todd Blatt is one of nearly 10,000 Google Glass Explorers, the cadre of early-adopters invited specifically by Google to test out the tech giant’s new wearable technology.

But already concerns about Glass privacy have arisen: how do people on the street know that a Glass wearer isn’t taking photos and videos of them as they pass?

Blatt has one answer: the GlassKap, a 3D-printed nylon attachment for Google Glass that covers the Glass lens, letting everyone know that you, Glass enthusiast, are not taking a video of them tripping over a curb.

To manufacture these lens covers en masse, Blatt is looking to raise $1,500, which he’s doing through a Kickstarter campaign.

Donate to the GlassKap Kickstarter campaign here.

Watch Blatt’s Kickstarter video:

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